Concord IT

When looking for a digital marketing company to help launch their new business Concord IT chose Sky High Digital, utilising our services to create a new brand identity across multiple platforms.

The challenge.

After a number of years operating a franchised IT business, Andrew and Lorna Dent decided that it was time to branch out on their own in 2022, establishing a new IT business, Concord IT, to be based in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs.

But after so many years within the franchise system they knew that they would need new business partners if this identity was going to be successful, leading them to reach out to Sky High Digital to utilise our services as a digital marketing company.

After an initial meeting our team got straight to work, researching the industry and the needs of the business going forward to ensure Concord IT would have a strong online marketing strategy to build from.

Our approach.

Once we built an understanding of their industry and what the Dent family had in mind for this business it was time to develop a brand identity for Concord IT, all based around the Dent family motto: “Concordia et Industria”, which translates to ‘by concord and industry’.

The best IT solutions are those that work seamlessly with speed, so we based our initial brand concepts on the infinity symbol to convey Concord IT’s commitment to providing harmonious IT systems. After creating several different brand concepts we then worked with Andrew and Lorna to refine the final identity into one that both the client and agency loved.

With that brand identity now in place it was time to tackle the new website build. As we had already conducted extensive keyword research, we were able to put on our initial focus on the website’s structure, wireframes and overall design. Developing a clean, professional and easy-to-navigate website was key to this build in order the convey the functionality of Concord IT designed IT solutions. Again, we collaborated with the Dent family throughout this process until it matched our shared vision for their website and what potential IT customers are looking for.

From there we conducted a full search engine optimisation process, ensuring that the site structure, metadata, and other technical SEO factors were optimised to Google’s best practices so potential clients can easily find the Concord IT brand. We also established a Google Business Profile, complete with full branding and proper verification to ensure that any location-based searches within the area would properly trigger a listing for Concord IT.

In their previous business, the majority of the ongoing marketing work was performed by the Dent family themselves, with additional support from the franchise’s head office. When creating the new business, Concord IT knew that the support of a digital marketing company was needed, so they enlisted us to create website content and social media channels that matched their brand and the needs of potential customers. Facebook and LinkedIn were selected as the two social media marketing platforms with the best potential to find new customers, with a particular focus on B2B marketing on LinkedIn. We’ve already seen great traction on this platform, with a mix of exclusive offers, external content and IT advice/tips, quickly growing their LinkedIn page to hundreds of followers in just a few months.

Finally, with Concord IT bringing over a number of existing customers, who are very happy with Andrew and Lorna’s customer service, we wanted to keep them engaged to drive retention. We set up an email marketing platform, allowing us to send monthly newsletters full of valuable, high quality, and engaging IT-related content.


Client feedback.

The support of Vlad and the team at Sky High Digital has been invaluable in our journey so far. Establishing Concord IT as a business has been something on our minds for a while and we knew that we would need to find a digital marketing company offering a wide variety of services if we were to get our initial setup right. We are very happy with the results so far and look forward to growing our business with Sky High Digital for years to come.
Andrew Dent
Director, Concord IT

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