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Rinnova Painting decided it was time to turn to professional web designers after struggling with DIY website builders and cookies cutter solutions for a number of years.
Rinnova Painting Applying Paint To Wall

The challenge.

In today’s digital age, standing out from the crowd can be quite the challenge, especially for trades-based businesses like Rinnova Painting. With numerous competitors vying for the same services, establishing a robust online presence has become crucial. This is precisely why Nik Terrnova turned to Sky High Digital for a brand-new website platform.

Rinnova Painting’s former website had begun to show its age, prompting Nik to seek a fresh platform that would effectively showcase his professional painting services. His goal was clear: capture the attention of residential and commercial clients looking for top-tier painting services. To achieve this objective, Nik engaged our professional web designers to collaborate on building a new platform that would drive traffic and engage potential clients.

During our initial consultation with Nik, we uncovered a key insight: Rinnova Painting garnered a significant portion of its business through referrals. It was essential for the website to reflect a corporate, professional tone to resonate with this client base. After more than a decade in the business, Rinnova Painting had built a reputation for delivering efficient and professional-grade services. Sky High Digital was poised to help translate this reputation into a revamped brand identity.

Our approach.

Crafting A Modern Logo And User-Friendly Website

Our journey began with the creation of a new logo for Rinnova Painting, a foundational element that would influence the entire website’s design. The task was clear: develop a logo that conveyed the professionalism of Rinnova Painting’s services while highlighting the technical skill of the company’s painters. After a series of revisions and collaboration with Nik, we arrived at a stunning logo. It proudly represents Rinnova Painting as a modern and professional business, featuring a distinctive paintbrush logomark with clean lines and brush marks for quick identification.

With the logo in place, our focus shifted to designing the new website’s structure. The previous website had an abundance of information but lacked a clear layout. It was our mission to streamline the content and present it in a user-friendly manner. Our redesigned website effectively showcases Rinnova Painting’s range of residential and commercial painting services, while also shedding light on the company’s values and extensive history in the industry. To reinforce Rinnova’s services, we incorporated a striking navy blue and white colour scheme, complete with paint brush strokes.

Next, we embarked on website content creation. Our goal was to highlight Rinnova’s services with compelling imagery and professional, clear copy. A crucial part of this process involved extensive keyword research to understand what Nik’s customers were searching for. Armed with these keywords, we strategically embedded them throughout the website, optimizing headlines, metadata, and page schema using industry-best search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques. Additionally, we migrated essential elements from the previous website to the new WordPress site, enhancing their online visibility through effective SEO techniques.

Driving Organic Traffic with SEO Techniques

Search engine optimisation (SEO) plays a pivotal role in attracting organic website visitors. It enables potential clients to find Rinnova Painting and its services on search engines like Google and Bing. With our comprehensive SEO process complete, Rinnova Painting now boasts a website with well-organized, high-performing content. This ensures that both visitors and search engines can easily discover the information they seek when searching for professional painting services in Melbourne.

Ensuring A Seamless Transition And Tracking Website Performance

To conclude this website transformation, we took steps to secure Rinnova Painting’s domain and website hosting on a professional-grade platform. This not only enhances website security but also prevents potential interruptions. Additionally, we seamlessly integrated the new WordPress website with Google Analytics and Google Search Console. This provides Nik with invaluable insights into his website’s performance, user engagement, and user pathways. It empowers him to make informed decisions about optimizing the Rinnova Painting website further.


Client feedback.

"It's been great to have experienced web design professionals come in to re-design this website for my business. I knew my old website was showing its age, so when the opportunity came to work with Sky High Digital for a revamp, it was a chance I knew I had to jump at. They've made me feel comfortable confident at every stage of the build process and I encourage anyone looking for a new website to engage their services."
Nik Terrnova
Owner, Rinnova Painting

In conclusion, the collaboration between Rinnova Painting and Sky High Digital stands as a great example of strategic website redesign and SEO . This project exemplifies how a modern logo, a user-friendly website, and a well-executed SEO strategy can significantly elevate a business’s online presence and performance.

If you’re seeking to revitalise your online image, we invite you to follow Nik’s footsteps and engage our services at Sky High Digital. Together, we can transform your digital presence and achieve remarkable results.

To learn more about our services and digital marketing strategies call our team today on (03) 9723 1783 or email hello@skyhighdigital.com.au.

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