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DPM Consulting Group knew they needed a new corporate website to match their standing as leaders within the field, which is why they reached out to Sky High Digital's talented web design team.
DPM Consulting Group's Land Development Engineers

The challenge.

A leader in the land development industry, DPM Consulting Group has been delivering land engineering services in Victoria for over 30 years with a focus on creating innovative and forward-thinking solutions. From creating sustainable stormwater management strategies to providing construction management services, DPM Consulting Group are known for their engaging and future-led approach to land development engineering.

However, this reputation wasn’t reflected on their existing website. Their team knew that they needed to transform their online presence to match this reputation and to present a more professional image to their existing and potential clients. After hearing about Sky High Digital’s ability to create high-performing corporate websites the DPM Consulting Group reached out to our team, engaging us to create a new platform for their business.

We visited the DPM Consulting Group team to discuss exactly what they needed at our initial consultation, learning that they wanted a new WordPress website that would re-display their services and ongoing projects in a more engaging format. They also asked us for assistance in re-designing several of their corporate branding assets, something our talented team was more than happy to assist with.

Our approach.

Building New, Professional Brand Assets

The first step in this series of projects for DPM Consulting Group was the creation of a new brand style guide, utilising their existing branding to develop a comprehensive guide to its utilisation. From fonts to colour schemes to logo usage, each element was given detailed guidelines for its application. This document will give DPM Consulting Group a resource to hand to designers and printers, ensuring that their branding is consistently applied across their documents, signage and digital presence.

One such application of this brand style guide was in the development of DPM Consulting Group’s capability statement, a hard-copy document that would showcase the company’s services, talented staff and company history to potential clients. Our team worked with DPM Consulting Group to develop a minimalistic document that succinctly lays out the exact services DPM Consulting Group offers, with the consistent branding elements detailed in our style guide. They now have a professionally-designed capability statement that properly details who they are as a business, the services they offer and the expertise that they have become known for.

A New Website Structure Designed For User Experience

With those documents now in place it was to time to start the website build, a large project that would be crucial to DPM Consulting Group’s success in the digital space. When we began this build we knew one of the most important steps would be one of the first: the research process. Within the construction industry there are so many competing phrases, terms and businesses, making it very important that relevant keywords are embedded throughout the site to help users find DPM Consulting Group through search engines. We worked with DPM Consulting Group to break down all the services they offer as a business, compiling a list of SEO keywords that would assist us in building a website that would be optimised for search engines and the user experience.

With that research complete, we began designing the framework and structure for the website, keeping the professional tone and corporate look and feel that DPM Consulting Group had in mind. We utilised the brand style guide we created earlier to create the look and feel of the site, striking a balance between providing engaging copy and content to the user while maintaining a minimalist tone to reinforce DPM Consulting Group’s established credentials.

Part of this process was building individual pages for each of their core services, which would highlight the full scope of their land development engineering capabilities. From embedding core keywords to optimising the copy for the end user, these pages, as well as the rest of the website, were created to ensure that those visiting and engaging with the website would be able to find what they needed and understand exactly what DPM Consulting Group offers as a business.

Optimising For Search Engines And Analytics

Now that the website’s structure was in place, we worked to complete the site by undertaking a full search engine optimisation process (SEO) to ensure the new website would perform well on search engines like Google and Bing. This involved optimising page structure, schema, metadata, and headlines using best practice SEO techniques, helping search engines navigate each page effectively and recognise DPM Consulting Group as an industry leader.

We also connected this new site to Google Analytics and Google Search Console, allowing their team to gain precise insights into how their website is performing and how potential customers are discovering DPM Consulting Group online.


Client feedback.

“The team at Sky High Digital have made these important projects a breeze for our team, taking us through each step of both the website build and corporate branding processes to ensure we were comfortable with the direction they were headed. Taking these projects to specialists like Sky High has been a fantastic choice for our business and I would recommend their services to any company looking to optimise their digital presence and corporate branding.”
David Moret From DPM Consulting Group
David Moret
Principal Water Resources Engineer, DPM Consulting Group

Completing this group of projects was an enjoyable process for our team and we’re happy to say that DPM Consulting Group were thrilled with the results. They now have a professional corporate website that properly reflects their standing within the construction industry, with brand assets that match their premium land development engineering services.

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